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School Circus Workshops

School Circus Workshops

Our CRB/DBS certified and qualified instructors can run workshops for children of any age (we recommend at least 3 years and above to get the most out of the workshops) and combine teaching skills with lots of giggles! Great for confidence and circus skills help aid concentration in even the trickiest of children, and don't forget it's also great fun!

We include a demonstration at the start of the workshop, outlining each set of equipment and how it can best be used, as well as any safety elements, before the children
progress around each section having time to experiment and try out their skills, ending as they come together in their very own performance.

Circus skills include:

Plate Spinning
Juggling with scarves and balls
Poi spinning
Monster feet (walkabout stilts)
Staff spinning
Pedal racer balance
Mini clown bike
Tightrope Rig and Stiltwalking can also be included but are extra due to requiring an extra instructor for 1:1 attention.

Our circus performers and instructors are experienced with children of all ages, abilities and attitudes and can help increase concentration levels by teaching fun new skills as well as helping hand eye co-ordination and increase motor skills. We also have an ongoing circus skills curriculum for ongoing training and lessons.

We can organise workshops in schools during lesson time or at your after school club, summer holiday club, fete or event. We also go into organisations including youth groups, guides and scouts (amongst others!) and create a circus space through which we coordinate a full workshop for all participants which can lead on to a performance by the children if desired.

We also provide stalls with our equipment laid out for freeplay and mini lessons for fetes and fundraisers specially for wandering crowds. These book up quickly in the summer months so always best to book early so you don't miss out. (see below for details)


School Fetes/Fundraisers
School Fetes/Fundraisers

Our circus skills are great for fetes and fundraisers as they draw crowds in and keep kids (and adults) coming back for 'just one more go'!

Book our freeplay area and get one of our circus instructors along with all the circus equipment for crowds to come and have a go, our instructor will be on hand to demonstrate and teach throughout the session. Best to book early as we fill up quickly in the summer months!

Our circus ring and backdrop are new additions to our setup and really brings the circus feel to any event - just ask us for more information.

We can also provide entertainers for your event such as fire dancers, stilt walkers, balloon artists etc - just have a look at our event performers section for more ideas.